Thursday, October 2, 2014


Today our four days long holiday period has started. This time Dusherra and Navratri being on last two working days has bought excitement for people. Everyone has planned an outing and enjoying it to the fullest.

ALAS!! We have no plans for this extended weekend and are at home. So boring it is ..... :( 

My mickey (two year old son) is super happy to have both of us at home. He keeps hopping, playing, talking and GOD knows what keeps him going so high every time. I have hardly seen him sitting and relaxing. I just keep wondering where do these kids get energy. He is a  hyper active child and it is difficult for all three of us (me, MIL, and my DH) to handle him together. We need to keep finding ways to keep him busy. Sometimes it is a play dough.... another time it's books and last but not least his favourite blocks.

Sharing his moods playing these. Check it out!!!........

One thing i need to confess that i love him enjoying with us.

Just check the compassion with which he is happily playing and posing. 

Just love him.