Saturday, September 20, 2014

Me and Mickey!!

Despite today being Saturday my day started quite early. It was calm outside, only thing which I could hear was birds chirping and breeze blowing. Residents were yet to wake up and calmness was spread everywhere out. I thought of leaving to gym and packed my bags and left. Alas, it started raining and I rushed back to grab my pink umbrella (which my DH has selected for me).

To my sorrow, my Mickey was up early and then my actual work started. Mamma i need: Doo.. Dooh (milk). I am not even allowed to settle down rather I have to rush into kitchen and get his milk ready with his favourite chocolate syrup in it. Then have to sit in my bean bag into the balcony with him and has to narrate him some stories. Anything which he would like to hear .... Oops what am I doing ... I was supposed to grab my newspaper but “yeh kya ... momma .... momma ...( trying to snatch my paper and making me play with his blocks). I keep wondering why the hell is he allowing his DAD to read newspaper and not me!! Sigh... 

Just to tell, I have official holidays on Saturday  but I feel that the proportion of work I do in entire week in not one fourth of which I do on weekends. !

Sometimes I wonder what has my life become!! Is this what I wanted to do?? Is this what I enjoy doing??? ..... and there is a list of such questions hovering into my mind. Only one answer which I could figure out my heart is telling me is that am now incomplete without my MICKEY!!

I love him the most. All his tantrums seem like a bizarre when he smiles once and calls me “MOMMA”.  J The stock of energy lost suddenly seem to be full.... Can you imagine the power of smile of these little ones.

Try yourself and let me know .

Awaiting your comments...... 
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