Monday, May 11, 2015

Every Day is MOTHER’s Day!!

MOTHER!! This word is so full of warmth, affection and life that all worries disappear at the thought of it. Why is it so?? Ever wondered??

I too have never thought about it, until I became a MOM. All sayings and thoughts about mother, which I have grown up listening to, was understood by me, only, when I myself turned into a MOTHER.  All care, concern, anger, love, agony etc. feelings came live to me and I realized that I have started behaving like my own MOM: P Why is it so??
We are grown up individuals now, with our own mindset and has a family. The journey of being  part of a family till making one of ours, has made us learn lot many hardships which our parents has definitely gone through. There is no doubt, that a family is run by both partners sharing loads of responsibility equally, but still I will say that role of being a MOTHER stands much above of being a FATHER.

Why am I saying so?? Just think and answer below statements. If most of the answers are YES, then you too will agree to my above said statement.

(1) She’s the one who will always find out that something is wrong irrespective of you    saying “EVERYTHING IS OK MOM”.

(2) She is the first person whose name (MAA) comes out of your mouth when you are in PAIN. 

(3)   Irrespective of your age, she is the one with whom you can ARGUE and WIN.

(4)  She’s the person who will find you beautiful, irrespective of whatever shape or size you  are in.

(5)    She’s a person who is always so loving and supportive, that you can tackle all issues with her help.

(6)    Doesn't matter wherever you are, thought of having food made of her hands makes you super HUNGRY.

(7)    She is the first person with whom you are eager to share good/bad news.

(8)    She is the first one to tell you that something is not looking good on you.

(9)    She’s the one who will start getting impatient if you are late in reaching home even by five minute of your normal time.

(10) She’s the only one who knows what food you like (don’t like). AND she is the only one who will do anything to let her daughter in law (also son in law :P) know about it (howsoever sportingly they take it… it’s their wish. LOLS).

If all agree with all the statements above, DO WE ACTUALLY NEED A DAY TO THANK OUR MOTHER??

For me every day is a “Mothers Day”.

What about you guys?? Please share your opinions.

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